What is the Meaning of Jamboard Online? (Is It Compatible to Android and iOS Users?)

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Jamboard home whiteboard is a few things. It is a piece of hardware and also electronic equipment. Its monitor or screen acts like an interactive whiteboard, wired for virtual or online collaboration. 

The Google team has classified this product offering as a “Jamboard Kiosk”. In terms of being a physical whiteboard, it offers users the feel, the vibe, and the functionality of a standard whiteboard. To complete the whiteboard feel, the Jamboard home whiteboard comes with its own “markers” and an “eraser”. This paraphernalia gives you the feeling that you are indeed writing your thoughts in ink.  

Jamboard Compatibility on Mobile Devices

The working minds behind the Google team did a great job in restructuring the Jamboard app for Android and iOS users. Hence, improving the user experience in terms of usability, reliability, and performance. The updates they rolled out, together with the usability redesign work on Jamboard online, will result in a rich collaborative user experience across different user touchpoints.  

mobile devices

The said changes and software modifications paved the way for greater possibilities such as seamless, consistent user experience, bringing about familiar functionalities that other Google Editors are known for, to Jamboard. 

Jamboard Maintains Consistency with Other G Suite Editors

To improve value and user experience, the familiar functions of Google Editors were also integrated into Jamboard apps. There are now specific actions that one can perform there such as making a copy of a Jam, starring, or copying a link to a Jam. Furthermore, the standard G Suite link sharing feature in Google editors is also added, to facilitate seamless app sharing.  

Meanwhile, on the home screen, it is noticeable that there is now a list view and a grid view for your completed Jams. You can see the “shared with me”, trashed Jams, recent, and starred as browsable directories. All things happening to these features now are a part of a grander scale of things that aims to bring the familiarity and power of G Suite to the Jamboard home whiteboard.  

Improved Editing Experience for Mobile and Tablet Users

Jamming sessions carried out in mobile devices such as cellphones and tablets are now made easier, courtesy of the landscape, and full portrait support for apps. There to see also is a reimagining of the frame bar and toolbar, which is reminiscent of the familiar interface found in Jamboard hardware. Missing tools are also incorporated including the select tool to mobile. The tools intended for inserting drive files and images were made even more reliable and performant.  

Hop in on a Jam on Jamboard Online or Share It with Others

Google team also took to another level the way users would be joining or would be opening up a Jam on Jamboard home whiteboard as well as how people would be sharing their Jams through devices like tablets and smartphones. 

Now, Jam sessions can be shared using only the G Suite standard sharing methods. And now also, you can open up a Jam on Jamboard with the help of Bluetooth.