Geotechnical Drilling Rigs for Sale in Australia: High Performance and Amazing Return on Investment

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If you are seeking quality equipment to conduct geotechnical drilling operations that provide high performance and amazing return on investment, then you might want to consider drilling rigs for sale in Australia.

This drilling equipment is designed and manufactured by leading drill rig companies with business productivity and efficiency in mind as a product of their technical expertise and years of experience.

Site analysis is a typical reason for conducting geotechnical drilling to establish if a site is appropriate or not for the construction of buildings or oil rigs.

Qualified drilling contractors use specialized drilling equipment to undertake this task, depending on the specific requirements of the project.

Type of Geotechnical Drilling Rigs for Sale in Australia

Truck Mounted Drilling Rigs

Drilling rigs vary in size and capabilities ranging from massive structures to small rigs enough to be moved manually by a single person.

One example of this type of drilling equipment is the truck-mounted hydraulic drilling rigs. It covers a vast spectrum of geotechnical works and water well drilling.

This range of drilling rigs ensures maximum operational flexibility and mobility, even in the most challenging environments.

Truck-mounted drilling rigs range from light-weight compact units to high-weight class rigs, designed for heavy-duty 8×8 trucks and delivering up to 50 tons pull up.

Track Mounted Geotechnical Drill Rigs

To suit the Australian conditions and drilling methods, drill rig companies have evolved their geotechnical drilling equipment, which includes compact-sized hydraulic drilling rigs mounted on rubber or steel crawler tracks.

This range of equipment covers various geotechnical activities, including soil investigation, installation of piezometers, sample collection inclinometers, and other geotechnical instrumentation, as well as environmental studies and monitoring activities.

The utilization of highly advanced modular hydraulic circuits guarantees high performance. And it also permits the installation of a broad range of rotary heads and hydraulic drifters.

Each machine suggests numerous possibilities in terms of customization thanks to a massive choice of accessories to meet the specific application needs, soil features, and working conditions.

Sonic Drill Rigs

Sonic is an advanced form of drilling that uses high-frequency, resonant energy to progress a core barrel or casing into subsurface formations.

During the drilling, the resonant energy is transmitted down the drill string to the bit face at different sonic frequencies. Simultaneously rotating the drill string distributes the energy and impact at the bit face.

Sonic drilling is considered a revolutionary technology three to five times faster (depending on soil conditions) than conventional drills.

Sonic drill rigs remain the industry leader as the most reliable and field-proven choice for fast, cost-effective drilling in any type of overburdened material.